You ARE Bigger Than Life

Today, Chad posted in the Facebook group “Rate Per Mile Masters” (if you aren’t a member you need to join about telling brokers that you can charge more because you are a member of this group. I absolutely love this attitude.

The Owner Operators in Farm2Fleet that have the best rates and success absolutely believe with all their heart and soul that they are worth every penny of what they charge. It isn’t arrogance to expect 50% or more on your rate than what a broker that deals with bottom feeders is hearing. It is knowing what you are worth and demanding it.

Unless you are convinced that you are bigger than life when you talk to brokers, it is just hot air. Step-up with the big attitude, back it up with over the top service and watch you rates rise.

With experience your highs will get higher, and lows will get higher.

 The more “RPMM’s” we have in the market, the better we will all have it. Thanks Chad for the great post and helping me with more relevant blog content. 😉

Also, in the next couple days I am going to create a longer related post that talks about how Farm2Fleet Trucking (with 20 Owner Operators) could go from a single truck operation to being recognized in the Best Fleets to Driver For program, got ranked at the 306th fastest growing company by Inc. Magazine (in the top 10 in Logistics), and have a greater brand recognition than companies 10x our size in less than 4-years. Many of the things that we do can be used by Independent Owner Operators to grow their business!