Customer Service

Customer service is a key part in doing business for anybody. Good customer service means a happy customer and potentially repeated business. For owner operators customer service matters most when working with brokers.

There are three keys to keep in mind when dealing with customers, which are early, often, and always. When working with a new customer it is always a good idea to be active early on with them. This means reaching out shortly after making the contact and shows them that you are committed to doing business with them. It also gives them a good first impression for you and your employees which is invaluable.

It is also important to contact customers often. Repeated contact shows that you stay dedicated to your customers and keeps you in their focus when they are looking for drivers or loads. This greatly increases your chances of having repeat business. Lastly you need to always put forth your best effort. If you are always providing your best services, even under the least ideal circumstances, you will get better loads and the customer will get a reliable driver that they are confident in.

No matter how big your customer base gets you should always keep these three rules in your head when dealing with customers. If you do so, your business will continue to grow and it makes everything much easier in the long run.

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