Behavior in the Work Place

When it comes to business, how you react to certain situations can have a big impact in how successful your business will be (and reduce the overall stress in your life).

How one deals with stress and the problems that arise is a big factor in setting successful people apart from ones that seem to struggle (and appear to always be under more stress). Of course, successful people tend to do better at planning to keep the “fires” from flaring up, situations will arise. It’s the person that is better able to deal with stress and keep a clear head that inspires leadership, relaxes others around them, tends to inspire a more favorable outcome and finds better solutions.

Naivety is another behavior that budding entrepreneurs’ seem to fall victim to. Gaining the business knowledge to make informed decisions tends to be something that is gained with experience. The trick is gaining this experience while making a few mistakes as possible. One great tactic is to get a couple good mentors and LISTEN to what they have to say.

One challenge that many overlook is sensitivity. Being oversensitive in this day and age of so much communication being via email and text can be deadly. Many people try to read into written communication something that isn’t there. Nuances that can be conveyed via tone in a verbal conversation likely don’t come across when written. A person that tends to be oversensitive may read something that isn’t intended, react and make a rash decision.

With making sure that you keep situation in perspective, look to learn and grow as much as possible and make sure that you have a solid understand of peoples intentions you will have a good foundation in becoming a leader and build a solid business.

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