As a growing fleet we are constantly looking for ways to expand our business. Often times, this entails finding new drivers. We look for drivers who are hardworking and willing to stay with us as we grow as a company. The 2014 HireRight Transportation Report showed that many drivers that left their fleet, that year, left for the same reasons we see year after year. Drivers want more pay, more time at home and better benefits; but another large factor was broken recruitment promises. As a company we realize that it is also our responsibility to keep our drivers happy. We eliminate driver frustration with recruiting through the removal of a recruiter position and the addition of the Driver Developer. These personal driver trainers, help the driver learn what it takes to run a successful operation. These Driver Developers work with the driver from day one to help them transition into our company and take them all the way through orientation and post-orientation training. We are always striving to make all our drivers happy and feel at home, especially our new drivers. So, please let us know your pet peeves in the recruitment processes you’ve dealt with and any way we can better our company process as well.

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