Becoming an Owner Operator

Many drivers, from rookies to the veterans, are looking to become an owner operator and become the next big success story. These drivers are looking to break away from the security of being a company driver and work independently making their own money. This can be a great step for a driver, but there is a lot that goes into become a successful owner operator. Before jumping into the long process of becoming independent you should really look into your personal and professional life with great detail. There are many avenues to consider before jumping head-long into this stage of your career. In this post, we will discuss two components that are often overlooked.

This first thing to consider is the probable change in your routine. When making the jump from company driver to owner operator the first big change you will notice is in your schedule. Owner operators are not guaranteed loads on any given day of the week, meaning you may not be home in time for the weekend or special family events. You have to be ok with the fact that you will encounter some of these botched loads along the way. With the change in schedule you may have to worrying about running with tight deadlines on some loads which can lead to a lot of stress if not scheduled carefully.

The next big consideration is whether or not you are ok with paying for your own expenses. As an O/O you will be stuck with all of the costs of running your truck. This is huge for people that are new to being independent because expenses can get out of control very quickly and easily. Proper book keeping and tracking of your expenses is essential.

With these key factors in mind you can start looking into becoming an O/O further by looking into trucks to buy, licenses and insurance needed, even what companies to lease to. There is still a lot of research and planning involved in taking this next step, and we encourage you to reach out if you have questions or concerns. If this article has sparked your interest in

becoming an owner operator, please give us a call or continue reading our blog for more information.

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