Preventing Securement Violations

Complying with safety regulations can be extremely stressful just from the shear mass of regulations. Regulating cargo securement entails some of the most complex rules we have to satisfy as well. There are many different rules dependent upon the type of cargo and trucks that go with them. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in heavy fines and points to fleets’ safety scores. With the new flatbed division at Farm2Fleet, any prospective drivers should start to consider these issues that are less common in dry van logistics.

The most common violation in this sector of the industry is “failure to prevent shifting cargo,” with “leaking cargo” right behind it. These two violations are the broadest in their categories and amount for the majority of the violations. There are three more violations that are commonly enforced and easily fixed. The first being “damaged securement system” which includes damaged straps as the most common reason. Another common citation is loose or unfastened straps, which can occur when trailers travel over bumps in the road. The third very common violation is failure to meet minimum tie down requirements; which can be violated in multiple different ways. These include in weight, length, and quantity.

All of these violations are easily avoided by taking a couple extra minutes to check all your cargo and tie downs before and during your load. With checking your securement periodically you can prevent having loose, unattached, and damaged tie downs. These extra percussions can save you and you money throughout the year.

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