Home Cooking on the Go

There’s nothing better than a hot home-cooked meal, especially after a long day of work. Though it might seem impossible to cook while on the road, it’s not that hard to do at all. With a little planning and my favorite kitchen tool, cooking in your truck can give you a nice break from truck stop food and a more nutritious meal, as well. This is all possible thanks to the amazing slow cooker.

Some of you may already use one in your truck, and I hope you’ll agree that they are convenient and easy to use. Slow cookers range from $15-$40 and can hold anywhere from 1-7 quarts of food. These tiny pots take up little space and need little maintenance while cooking and during clean up.

  • Cooking with a slow cooker: Most meals are made the same. Throw everything in, place the lid on, put it on Low or High, cook for a few hours, and enjoy (remember
    that when your cooking meat, put it on the bottom).Crock Pot
  • Cook times on high:
    • Stew meats: 4.5 hrs for 3 pounds
    • Chicken: about 1 hr per pound
    • Pork loin: 5 hrs for 4 pounds

By planning ahead, you can pick up some ingredients during your Walmart stops. Using bits of meat, chicken broth, potatoes, carrots, and rice is a good place to start when making a stew. You can make a small batch for the night, or a large one to feed you for a few days. Just set it up when you start your break, and before your hours reset, you’ll have a great home-cooked meal!

These great cookers can be used to make many different meals, next week I’ll post some recipes that are easy to make and cost effective.

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  1. I have a fridge and microwave and have always been willing to sacrifice space in order to have both. Now everything is powered by the APU but i concocted all sorts of things before i could afford one to run microwave such as gas powered generators with a drop cord. I started cooking at home foods that i liked and foods that gave me some sense of balance and health.

    The foods and dishes i prepared were portioned into meal sizes. Id cook an entire roast and then portion it into single servings to either enjoy in a sandwich or on a plate with other items. Each portion was put in a small ziplock bag sealed and flattened. Id stick this in my home freezer after and when it was hard froze it could easily be transferred to another freezer or fridge. Preparing for a month or two weeks on the road meant cooking several different things and prepping them to freeze all in the same manner.

    Im always careful only to select things that freeze safely and come out decent when reheated. Flattening them out in the bag made em stackable so i could organize many items into a small freezer compartment of a rather small fridge. Pastas,steaks,steamed or cooked mix veggies. Everything cooked was in consideration of how it would be stored and portioned. So say if i made a spaghetti dish with sausages id dice the sausages and mix it with the sauces and pasta then freeze it. You get your own technics going planning meals etc.

    I moved up to a bit larger freezer space so i tend to move food down to fridge as i plan to eat them. I keep large packets of sandwich meats frozen until ive eaten what i have that is thawed. I even stack items in the fridge to avoid freezing items i dont want frozen and keeping semi frozen items i do want to preserve which will be store on the stop shelf closest to the freezer compartment.

    Some foods work and some foods just dont work. Mounds of ribs and boned items are harder to store. So deboning is a good idea to get a good meal in a portion. I will slice my steaks but you dont have too. Just cut them to fit the bags. Soups even store if you prepare them a little thick less stew and more meats n veggies. Even a smidgen of flour in the soups thickens em and makes em easier to freeze in a bag. I will make hamburgers and bag two of em at a time with or without cheese. Already spiced and ready to eat.

    If you wanna get fancy and professional you could get the vacuum seal bags and really do it nicely.Finding a vacuum seal that last and worth an investment is another issue. The food will last twice as long and no freezer burn. Id say youd probably get a few more meals in a smaller freezer as well.

    Overall i find i can plan and carry for myself a small eater about 2-3 weeks worth of meals. The cost will range somewhere in the neighborhood of about 75-100 bucks of food product. We know the average cost of a meal so the math is easy. The savings are huge and the quality of the food meets my standards versus going into a truck stop kitchen and gambling each day what im going to get to eat and forking out a pretty hefty price for it.

    I find my trips to walmart are usually to purchase lettuce,tomatoes,onions and fresh bread. Things that have short shelf life and don’t freeze well or fit in freezer.

    I thought id add some thought to someone of this..Little things can make a big difference in those little boxes we spent all our time in…

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