Smarter Choices

Soda and Water

Most people know what foods are healthy and which ones aren’t, but there seems to be a lot of haziness when it comes to understanding why it matters. I’ve talked about the way some foods have more nutrition than others but what does it all mean in the end? I guess what it really comes down to is giving our bodies more calories than it needs. A good way to explain this is with water and soda.

Most people would agree that water is better than soda, but what does it matter, how does it affect our bodies?

Well, I’ll start by saying that a 12oz can of cola has about 39g of sugar (which is just over 3 tablespoons of sugar) and about 150 calories. To help you gauge how much energy this is, it helps to know that it takes about an hour of walking (at your usual pace) to burn 150 calories.

Let’s admit, everyone loves a cold soda pop every now and again but when we drink a can of it our bodies are given all of this energy that it’s not going to use (unless you’re walking an hour for every soda you drink). Our bodies have become very good at saving these calories (as fat) for a rainy day.

Water on the other hand is simply water; zero calories and zero sugar. So when someone drinks water, they don’t have to worry about the calories that are not being used…because there aren’t any!

So I’ll ask again, why does this matter?

All of this extra fat that our bodies are so keen on keeping will eventually start to over work our bodies. Like doctors are always saying, being overweight can lead to a number of other health problems. But, replacing 3 cans of soda with 3 bottles of water every week can help you drop about 1 pound of weight and will help you feel better, overall (of course everyone’s bodies are different and weight loss happens at different rates).

Though 1 pound isn’t a lot, considering the difference it would make over time is important. 3 less cans of soda every week can add up to 53 pounds in a year by simply cutting out some soda. So even if you’re not ready to make any big changes in your diet, switching out soda for water every now and then can make a ton of difference.

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