A Need for Change


Diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. I mentioned them last week but I’m sure its not the first time you’ve heard of these condition. Over the last few years these diseases have become more and more common in America. Bellies have been growing and the amount of money spent on medical bills has grown just as much. The media will place the blame on many areas. Some say it’s the large corporations backing fast food, others blame the health care system. Though I’m pretty sure we’re all a tiny bit to blame, I believe the biggest culprit is the lack of education on nutrition.

We hear about these conditions and how we can fix it with an expensive pill. What we don’t hear as often as we should is the way nutrition fits into the mix. Though high blood pressure can be reduced with a pill, it can also be reduced by limiting your salt intake. Likewise, high cholesterol which can lead to heart complications can be lowered with medication or by eating adequate fiber. Even if eating a well-balanced diet isn’t realistic for your lifestyle, knowing the facts can help you understand the need for change when it comes to the American diet and may help lower your chances of complications with these disease.

Because our bodies are biologically wired to love foods that are high in fat and salt, and its this same type of food that is available to us everywhere, it will be difficult to make healthy choices. The tips and advice I will be sharing will be easier for some to use than for others. It’s easy to not think about the things we eat. Our lives are busy enough as it is, but in the grand scheme of things, taking some time everyday to think about what goes into our bodies and how it effects our health will help you feel better and live longer. Taking the time to learn how food can impact our bodies is the first step of understand why a change must be made. Changing what we eat may seem like an impossible feat, but even the smallest effort makes the largest difference.

Next week, I’ll be discussing how water and fiber help reduce the risk for heart disease and hypertension as well as easy and tasty ways of fitting them into your truck.

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