Being a Better Dispatcher/ Broker Gets you Better Rates

The following are thoughts from Tom McLear, our VP of Operations, and one of the best people I have every worked with in terms of building relationships with customers and getting premium rates.


Whether you are dispatching yourself or working with a fleet of drivers, there are little changes you can make to your day to day routine that can not only increase productivity, but also strengthen relationships with customers.

With modern technology, making a simple phone call or sending an email can take less than a minute. In transportation, communication with customers is key and can make the difference of getting a better rate on future loads.  Taking the time to call or email a customer and ask, “Is there anything I can help you with today?” will keep lines of communication open.

This is essential as it keeps the customer focused on you and shows that you are focused on your customer.  This may seem obvious to some people, but the fact is, this is not at all common.

Many people simply call customers, talk about numbers, and hang up.

Starting the day by opening a line of communication with just a few key customers can generate extra business for you, and keep your customers coming back for more.

I love listening to Tom call customers.  He has the ability in two words (actually, one word twice) to get people that he hasn’t worked with in years to remember him.  “Yo, Yo” is all hes has to say to get people to respond “McLeeeear” (Like Norm on Cheers).  Sometimes it is the little things that you do that build the longest and best relationships.  

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