A woman of leisure.

I have to post their stuff now and again because I want as many people to see that it is possible to have an amazing life as a truck driver. Or more importantly, as an Owner Operator.

While this is a fun little post you really need to dig around on this blog, subscribe and get to know these people. While they drive for us I am proud to also call them friends.

Anne & Craigs Great Adventure

I wish that was the case.(I should be sitting by the pool eating bons bons) LOL, Craig is on his own for a couple of days. He is going out solo while I stay home and finish up a couple projects. We had agreed to stay home through Wednesday but Craig gets antsy after a couple days. He chose to get a load up to Ohio and I chose to stay home. Feels a little weird I must say. Shelby isn’t home from work yet and the house is super quiet. I am looking forward to finishing up some of the projects I wanted to get done. When you are home for a few days here and there. Projects tend to be pushed aside.
This week we did get our patio garden planted. We bought plants that help with mosquitoes. If there is a mosquito anywhere around me it finds…

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